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by Crack Cloud

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Hear this quotation and everything will come to light Lets push for dissemination and properly portray both left and the right Transfix the restless with wax libs Teach kids the evils of axis Cease to shed light on these mad libs How maddening a world to share a shed with isis We need a vigilante Who can wear both shoes Break free from echo chamber We are all post truth Come down get a sense of the ground Grounded and the centre is missing Central is the mist behind the shutter Shut down cuz its all around Fly high from the top of the station Unrest in the streets below Kill kill or be overthrown Its a matter of weighing out the greater toll
where will we go from this life? a process of erase what processing defines us? the weakest link defaced a face of definition an arbitrary fate a facial reconstruction to pacify the state pastor blames my past lives for retroactive crimes torrents of modernity inherently malign bastard in the basket helplessly it whines elderly confinement expired before their time
Peace be together peace you are my friend and neighbour What kind of phony fuck would make us sign a waivor Peace you dont comply to any status quo That turns your harmony into a fucking slideshow I think they want you peace i think they want you bad I think they want a piece of me to show you that im mad But peace You do not judge noone So please Plea for peace Peace of mind Please be so kind War on eachother war you are my only guide The means to an end that plastic poppy never lied Cuz war you make us vicious (yeah) its eye for an eye Aint no ties no no disguise- aint no catcher in the rye Oh god im feeling sick i dont feel like going to war But its etched into the stone and its been carved into the floor First things first we must not go in reverse But the past aint no past when its ammo for the present Theres no lesson to be learned no real trial to adjourn Heres the ledger full disclosure pray that we wont see expulsion Cuz somethings got to give
The Next Fix 03:24
Feeling a bit lost today slighted and caustic I’ve been hearing a lotta shit Seems we’re about to slip Seems that our world has dipped Think I’m about to tip Or maybe its all the jib Maybe its all the smoke Maybe its all the rage Maybe its all a joke Baby I’m in a cage Afraid that I’m underpaid Afraid that I’m under read Afraid im not innocent just feeling ambivalent Guilt is the word Its burned into my mind All the time I can’t find A way out its just me im my own enemy Im not free Never was A good boy A good man Yes I am I’ve got plans I’ve got wants I’ve got needs I’ve got thoughts Its the up Its the side Its the down Thats inside Of my mind Yes its mine Its the one thing That keeps me alive But I’m better off dead So please chop off my head Fill my body with lead I have too much regret Up Side Down i am not alright I wake up in fright how long am I sick Before I get my fix Trigger to the temple Listen for the pop Smash it to the tempo Treat it like a god Melts away the sorrow Opens up the sky Life is meaningful Only when we’re high
Fake it pushed down so you take it Wiped clean of the spleen you fiend Outright, drinking lean uptight cuz The world rejects you, your mamas just As bent and you opt out on the rent And you move into a tent outside the City limits, with all your scars and tickets Tricked in and now checked out Bent up and barely breathing Well your father was a runner But you just keep on wheezing every dime bag you be bleeding Leaves you nothing to believe in So young to start conceiting Every steps a misdemeanour Always on the run From the guilt inside its like a fever High strung without volition One toke away from twitching All wounds resurface in the night Eighteen with no remission Yeah fancy favours fortune unfortunately not proportion its the wealthiest That short ya its the healthiest That score yeah but Yous a tourist You was born and bred to be a nuisance Another perp inside a cell another destined loser Cuz we cut the sun out Fuck the whole low down Brought heat too much to cultivate now We made to get on our knees and haggle Plead our self worth While we hold down the hoggle We are the fuel So you can burn paper Our currency won’t buy nothing but vapour Which one are you Or do you just pick and choose Like a merry go round you go around The many curves Such a whirl of contradiction When you live to simply serve Preserve the one and only You’re not the only phoney Like tony hardly know me So blow me ya cop clone Steam rollin roll on back to bro bro See if he can go go get you More coke coke to sell to kids They choke on second hit Looks like fentanyl blitz But fuck em they all just tricks
Ouster Stew 02:21
Perhaps we cannot come to a proper solution - well choose a side How do we value one over the other institution - lets pick a loser Well they did this - but they did that - well what’d you hear Well its a fact - fact - fact - fact- fact- fact- fact fact fact Excommunicated we are free - what can we do what can we say For us to agree Excommunicated we are free - what can we do what can we say For us to agree A list its black black the cherry is in it I fetch the the rulebook its empty to begin with We’re writing from the start so we gonna burn a few Sizing up that ostrich for our dear communal stew
Please listen Please understand you’re missing One half of the picture aint listed Within your tunnel vision So Lets tune in Lets check our motivation First question What will naturally appear From our connection to fear Doubt Careless for The side That you are not on This time Consequence of our ego We deceive ourselves Fearful How low will we go To be In positions of Power Altruistic side Derives From the faucet of Good and evil
The past haunts us all And the future is littered with doubt Our sense of worth Obscured by the then not the now The same sad coin Has two sides Cross into a world Locked in limb and space Crooked on shadows and rust Pretenders cemented in lust Deciding the is and the must Minds made up of angel dust


Written and recorded between July 2017 and December 2019

Produced by Crack Cloud

Engineer Jonathan Paul Stewart

Mastering Christian Wright

Logo by Wei Huang

Cover by Marc Gabbana


released July 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Crack Cloud


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